5 tips for indulging less at Christmas

Happy and safe Christmas!

Happy and safe Christmas!

In two weeks Christmas will be over and I am anticipating being in relax mode. During the days following Christmas my mind wanders to reminisce about the great time I've had until eventually the guilt comes in and has me thinking about the extra kilograms that seemed to have settled around my middle. At this point I feel as though I'm going to burst. Every year I say I won't eat and drink so much, but I am weak, and when I am having a great time with family and friends my hands seem to have a mind of their own gravitating to the food and somehow automatically they put food into my mouth without me being aware of it. You understand what I mean, right?

Here are five tips I've found useful to help me indulge less.

1. Drink only 1 alcoholic beverage per hour

I enjoy a glass of wine so I focus on the delightful smell of the grapes and sip it slowly holding it in my mouth for several seconds to identify the various flavours that make up the wine. When he was in his early teens my son used to smell a wine and he said he could get the flavour of it just by taking in the bouquet. Taking the time to enjoy all the senses of drinking makes it a much more enjoyable experience. Drinking slowly also allows the liver time to matabolise the alcohol and get it out of your system.

2. Know your limit

Not everyone tolerates alcohol the same. I am a smaller framed person so I can't drink as much as a larger framed person. If you are bigger in statue you are most probably able to drink more than a smaller framed person. Being aware of how many drinks it takes to get to that relaxed heady feeling is another good indicator to slow down. By slowing down I also save some money from those extra drinks I'm not buying, and I am able to drive home safely.

3.  Drink water

When I was eighteen and first learning to drink alcohol, my brother-in-law recommended I alternate each alcoholic drink with water. This has the effect of diluting the alcohol and also assists with dehydrating. I still practise this now and I find I have no after effects after a night out.

4.  Be the designated driver

Become the designated driver for the night. This maybe hard to do when everyone is drinking and having a great time. I've done this often and found the upside of being designated driver is that I enjoy a quality conversation with someone else who isn't drinking and I have often made a new friend.

5.  Activity

Instead of sitting and drinking, circulate and mingle with different people or become involved in any games that may be in progress. If I'm hosting a dinner party I ensure there are activities that enable people to move around and get to know each other at a deeper level. If it's a work function I've volunteered to be the coordinator. I've found the night goes quickly and I don't miss having a drink.

The Christmas and New Year festive season is a busy and tiring time. Enjoy it in moderation and sail into 2016 without having to worry about those extra pounds. I'd love to hear your strategies for keeping yourself safe during the festive season. I look forward to hearing from you.