What inspired me to write Kate’s Choice?

I was an ex-military spouse. I understand the challenges of living a transient life, loneliness and wondering if the special man you married, who gave the best years of his life to serve his country, would ever find the peace he craves.

For a soldier, war and deployment overseas, is tough emotionally, physically and spiritually. Yes, he wants to serve his country, but it comes at a cost. Soldiers see and do things no man should have to. They need love, patience and reassurance that everything is going to be okay, but sometimes their experiences are more than they can bare. Sometimes they feel they have failed even though they have been heroic.

Likewise, the loved ones at home are aching for the presence of their brave soldier. Loneliness can be over-powering, to the point of making a person act out of character. The need for company is too great and temptation can no longer be ignored, taking over all sensibilities.

This novel explores these themes and more. Has Kate made the right choice, and will she also find the happiness she craves?

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Dusty, Kate, Alex, Radar, Dominic, Jodie


Kate's Choice

Kate's choice is a story about the effects of war, broken spirits, choice, and unrequited love.

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