A Precious Moment

Loving all creatures.

Loving all creatures.

While I was in my back garden this morning, I found this butterfly sitting on the grass. I think it's called a Blue Tiger. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

I felt privileged to have gotten so close. I bent down and placed my finger in front of it. Amazingly, this little creature took a couple of steps toward my finger and climbed up on it. It stayed there until I nudged it to take flight.

It's not often these special experiences come our way. I felt blessed that an elusive creature had sensed my love for everything on this earth and was content to be with me for a few minutes to appreciate its beauty and share a special moment to bond.

When I looked closely, I saw its left wing was damaged. Perhaps I was meant to be there as it was taking its last breaths...

What this experience made me realise was that it's important to take the time to tune into the world around us. These moments are there to encourage and pause us in our busy lives; to refresh and inspire us think about what's really important.