Singing Waters Ministry

Unstoppable Love

A few weekends ago our church ran a seminar called Unstoppable Love. Donna Parachin from Singing Waters Ministry and Rev. Andy Koornstra director of Staying Free Ministries came from Canada to present at this seminar.

Their presentations brought healing to people's lives in an amazing way and were relevant to life today. This healing gives hope, and for some people it means being able to really love people openly and honestly for the first time in their lives. They saw the problems in their lives were not only because of something they had done, but there were deeper issues buried inside of them they didn't understand. Donna and Andy taught us that these issues could have been a result of our carers also being broken and in need of healing, too. I learned how easy it is to blame ourselves and others without first seeing our situation from God's viewpoint.

Unstoppable love is what God has for us. He wants us to be whole and in relationship with Him and in relationship with others. Don't be afraid to reach out for his love because he wants to give it to you with no strings attached. How good is that!

Take time today and every day to spend time with the heavenly Father and he will transform your life into one filled with love, more love than you need so that you can spill that love onto others. Trust Him and see!

Are you practising unstoppable love with your family, friends, acquaintances and with people you meet every day whenever you're out and about. Take a few minutes to say hello and spread love to an unknown person and watch the person's face come alive. It's easy as stopping and saying, hello, how are you, and listening for the response. You never know how you will impact that person at that moment.

I'd love to hear from you--leave me a message to let me know how your unstoppable love has reached another.