Checking in...

Walk the unknown path and be prepared for where it will take you.

Walk the unknown path and be prepared for where it will take you.

Way back in January, I talked about setting goals. We are half way through the year and I'm wondering how everyone is going. I have to admit I'm behind with my program and I haven't kept up with my desire to blog every week. (I'm planning on changing this.)

I had hoped to have my second book to the publisher by end of March, but it only happened early this month. Since moving into our new home, I've had technological challenges, been in hospital, and generally had a life to live. I've decided not to fret about being behind though because being stressed doesn't achieve anything, in fact, I think it makes me less productive.

Despite this, my second novel is now with the publisher and my third novel is well under way and should be finished for pitching to the visiting editor at the Romance Writers of Australia Conference in August.

Sometimes I underestimate the time a project takes. It's common for me to believe I can achieve much more than I'd thought. I see days ahead of me with lots of hours available, but I forget about the thinking time, and the revision time, not to mention the creative time required to see a project through. Throughout these six months I found I became so absorbed in my work, I forgot about my weekly blog. However, after reviewing my goals and making a new plan, I hope to achieve that weekly blog.

So let me know how you're going on your journey to achieving your goals. What's holding you back: life or the big 'P' word, procrastination. See you soon!