Point Nepean

Rosebud Foreshore

In my back yard - what is this leaving Australia a week ago?

In my back yard - what is this leaving Australia a week ago?

Water has always captured me with its softness and fluidity, and the many ways it can be used to transform so much of our world.

Water for me means refreshment, not only physically but also spiritually.

I'm standing on the Rosebud Foreshore on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. The western sun burns my face while out to my right the glassy water of Port Phillip Bay washes across my spirit; to my left the whir of human life assaults this peaceful world; and in the centre of these two opposing forces I stand alone just being and feeling both worlds.

Living on the foreshore is like living in a mini-city. It has an energy of its own: birds chatter in the trees; wind sighs in the branches, and lifts the skirts of tents to find the hidden secrets that lie within; crushed granite roads crunch announcing the presence of humans walking off last night's overindulgence.

Some people come to the foreshore to escape their dull existence; some come to relax from the ringing telephones and busyness of a fast paced life; old, young and in between; rich and poor; and there are some like me who are travelling around Australia.

My interaction with the residents of this mini-city has been minimal. A friendly hello, nice day, and a chat about how the fish are biting is all that matters at the moment.

I'm perplexed by this simple communication, but at the same time I'm at peace. Something is happening deep within my spirit. Sometimes I feel as though I'm not quite here, like I'm floating on another plane wanting to reach out and see further than I can physically.

Whether I go to the shops, walk along the beach and the pier, walk in the foreshore camping ground, in the National Park at Point Nepean, or simply working at my computer on my next novel, that sense of detachment from the real world is there. I believe I'm changing but I don't know where that change is going to take me. It's exciting because I like change. I'm at peace because the great creator of all life can be trusted. God is in charge of my life and I believe he's drawing me closer to him.

Will I fight or accept this change? That is the question, but as time goes on, I'm leaning to acceptance. There is much peace about this circumstance. Even as I write this blog there is a sense of release of power within me I don't understand.

Trust, he's never failed me in the past, so why should he fail me now.

So I trust, just be, and let God, because he knows what he has planned for my life. Have you been in this circumstance and wondered what it's all about? I'm interested to hear about your experience.