Goodbye Mornington Peninsula

Beach sheds Mornington Peninsula

Beach sheds Mornington Peninsula

Autumn has arrived on the Mornington Peninsula: the days are getting shorter and the temperatures lower. Bit cool down this neck of the woods for this Queenslander so I'm ready to move on, but I look forward to re-visiting in the future.

Next Monday we leave this interesting peninsula and move to the next stage of our journey which is a week in Melbourne before heading east.

I wanted to share this photo of the beach huts at Dromana. They reminded me of Enid Blyton's Famous Five series I read as a kid. When I read those books about secret tunnels and sheds by the beach my imagination was hooked. Do theyreally exist? Perhaps in England, but I hadn't thought about the sheds being in Australia, nor did I picture them being as colourful as those in the picture. Locals have told me the council recently required they be kept in good condition, hence the bright colours.

Now I'm curious to know what is stored inside of them. Perhaps a small row boat that can be lifted into the water; fishing tackle; beach umbrella/shade cover; or perhaps the owners use it for storage of all those surplus items they have no room for in their homes. During our stay here I kept my eyes peeled hoping I'd see someone accessing their shed, but no luck, so I'm left more curious than ever.

Another interesting thing was these sheds were advertised in a real estate magazine ranging from $50,000 up to $250,000. Puts a completely different meaning on 'men's shed' doesn't it?