Bill Gates

Finding you in 2012...

Who am I really? I want to be authentic.

Who am I really? I want to be authentic.

I'm a curious person - about everything. I look for meaning in every aspect of this world. I think about how my life is interwined with every other person on this earth and how each of us can help the other in small ways every minute of every hour and how this fits into where I am in the world. Technology has made connecting with others that much easier which is why I believe a world without technology would be just plain boring.

A HUGE thank you to Bill Gates! For not only has Mr Gates changed the lives of most people in the modern world, he reaches out to the darkest corners of our planet to help people who have no access to the basics we take for granted: clean water, medical care, a house to live in, the right to earn a living, peace and much, much more. I applaud him and am so humbled by what he has achieved in his life this far.

He has inspired me to move out of my comfort zone and challenged me to get outside my own skin and change the world with all I've got. I believe change will only happen in this world if each of us look within and admit we have weaknesses to ourselves and admit those weakness to others. It is by sharing the weaknesses with each other that they become strengths. We begin to admire the strengths in others and ourselves and forget about the weaknesses.

The Bible is a book that has been read by millions throughout generations. It is a book of hope, a book to live your life by, a book that tells you how to behave and how to care for your family. It is a book that gives you self-confidence and helps you see the real you. If you don't want to discover the truth about yourself or you don't want to improve your lot in life, don't read it. It's a book you can get hooked on. The more you read, the more you want to read to help solve the mystery that is really you. We are a mystery to ourselves, only God knows who we really are and why we've been put on this earth. The Bible is a great place to start if you want to find the truth about you.

In 2012, I encourage you to get a copy of this guide to personal freedom and see how it will change your life. You will begin to understand yourself and the reason you are on this earth in this period of time. Does knowing you are here for a purpose sound scary...too much responsibility? Be courageous, take hold of the truth in the Bible and understand your purpose.

You just might be the next Bill Gates.

Love, peace and blessings be with you during this festive season.