Australian Creators

Light The Dark

Even Before Publishing, a division of Wombats, is a new Australian publisher that is passionate about Christian Books and all things that make for improving lives and helping build Australian creators. Principal, Rochelle Manners, is not only interested in publishing her own stable of authors' works, but she is also interested in selling good Australian fiction via her party plan, Light The Dark.

Light The Dark Mission Statement:

"Light the Dark aims to bring positive Christian and family friendly products, produced by Australians and New Zealanders, to consumers in an engaging party plan type environment. It is our mission to strengthen your walk with God through our products and uphold Christian principles in our business and community."

Light The Dark is a powerful ministry that brings people together in fellowship sharing about books and products that foster relationship building, and encourages our Aussie writers to be all they can be.

I've become a Light The Dark Representive because I believe in the Mission Statement. Even Before Publishing and Light The Dark is the beginning of an era that will encourage more and more Australians to be creative and be brave enough to send their creations out to the marketplace because Australians like seeing other Australians having a go.

If you want to learn more about Light the Dark go to and be inspired to read good Australian fiction, or products made by talented Australians.