Core values

A few years ago I didn't understand what core values were. I hadn't consciously thought about what I believed in. Why? For many reasons that I will talk about in future posts. In order for me to understand my core values, I used my alone time to understand who I am.

What are you core values?

What are you core values?

Core values are the beliefs you hold close to your heart. They are the beliefs you will not compromise on. They're the compass points that steer your life. When you identify your core beliefs you have a better understanding of yourself and why you do the things you do. Identifying your values also helps you understand why you may be lonely and what you need to help make these times less lonely. When I am lonely it usually means my core needs are not being met.

In African hearts, Gina was caught in an empty place. She thought she valued money, power, travel, and a penthouse to live in, but it left her feeling unfulfilled. She violated her number one value and that was to connect with people at a deep level. Caring for people was important to her and was the reason why she was a nurse before she took over the business after her parents died. When she was in Gumboli she had a lot of time to think about her life and she discovered her internal compass was faulty. Gumboli gave her time to reconnect with herself so she could re-evaluate who she really was. This re-assessment changed her life as she realigned and challenged her core values.

During recent years I have revisited my core values and discovered a few of them needed major adjustment. It seems that I too went off on a tangent and consequently became confused and unable to move forward. After some deep soul searching, I discovered many of my actions didn't align with my core values. So how are you going? Are your thoughts and actions in line with your your values or are you struggling to get back to centre?