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“Never hurry, never worry”.

I came across these words from Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White while cleaning out old files during the last three weeks as I waited impatiently for my landline/internet connection. I’m still waiting…

I began to think about why I’m hurrying for it to be connected and why I’ve been worrying. Firstly, I feel cut off from the world. Writing is a solitary occupation. I need to connect with family and friends. I rely on the internet for marketing and research.

I’m using a mobile broadband, but the connection is only one bar’s worth and it tends to drop out every now and then, and it is sooooo slow. All because our home is in a bit of a hollow.

What did I do before broadband?

I waited patiently for the internet to load because that was all that was available. I've been spoilt with the new fast broadband. I realised there is no point hurrying and there is no point worrying because the landline will be connected when the technicians are able to do it. No amount of huffing, puffing or blowing by me is going to get me my landline any sooner. Instead, all it’s doing is upsetting those around me and stressing the person at the end of the phone who's doing the best they can to help me.

So calmly, does it. I’ve forgotten about the internet. I've written this in Word, and copied and pasted it onto my website that I downloaded without hurry and worry as the connection speed allowed. I can do nothing about the speed, so this week I’m endeavouring to remain cool, calm and collected. I'm working on my third novel, working title, Operation Rainbow's End, and trying to forget the internet exists. It will be an interesting exercise to see if I become more productive. Keep posted to see what this forced exercise reveals.

How about you? Can these wise words from Charlotte help to make your day less stressful, and more productive, too? I’d love to hear from you.

Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web