In Melbourne

We've been away for a week and already we're meeting new people and enjoying the green countryside after the drought years the country has experienced.

Here is a photo of our home while we're on the road.

Our Home On Wheels

Our Home On Wheels

We spent the first night in a truck stop, a freebie which came with a bush toilet so that was okay, but all through the night the big trucks came in for some well-deserved rest, too. We met another traveller that night who camped with us. He was on his way to Coolangatta. A caring man who had provided foster care for at risk children for most of his life.

The second night we stayed in Forbes by the lake. Everything was going fine until a storm blew up and the water started rising again. A young man came up to us and said we should move out of the park because we could be flooded by morning. We wasted no time in packing up our caravan and heading for higher ground. Fortunately, the lake only rose a little, but it was better than having to move at two o'clock in the morning if the water had risen into the camping area.

Our third night we stayed in Denliquin in a caravan park which was luxury. Great to have a hot shower and some quiet time away from the trucks. We visited with friends and they showed us the highlights of Denilquin which was really interesting. Every October, the town hosts a Ute Muster which brings about three thousand visitors to the town. I can't quite imagine how this event might look, so perhaps we may need to time our next visit in Denilquin so that we can be part of the fun.

Our adventure hasn't been without a couple of problems. For some reason I don't understand, the battery in the van blew a cell and '"cooked" the battery, so we had to buy a new one; and the fridge heating element has decided it doesn't want to do the job anymore, so we have to tow the van to a caravan repairer tomorrow to have it fixed. The positive is that it happened in a major city where we can get help before we head out to somewhere more remote.

It's very cold and rainy in Melbourne. I'm glad we're staying with Frank's sister. She has ducted heating which is making our stay very pleasant.