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Laura O'Connell

A lot has been happening in my life during the past three years. I have neglected my writing as I've dealt with life. As the saying goes, 'life gets in the way'. I have been on a journey of self-discovery, however I have survived and I hope I can serve you in a new and exciting way. I intend to share some of this journey with you during my blog posts, both on a professional and a personal level.

My neighbour, Kim, is an incredible lady who has impacted me and challenged to me think about where I fit in the world. She has given me unconditional love and encouraged me to be all that I am. I went through a stage where I was blocked creatively. No matter which way I turned I couldn't see the next path. I returned to accounting to see if I was meant to go back there but the door closed tightly after sixteen months. I needed to return to the tax world to allow the healing to begin.

The past few months I have been writing, writing and writing some more at a deep and intense level. I learned a lot about myself during this process. I will share about this experience in subsequent posts.

The good news is that I am still writing and I have taken it in a new direction.

African hearts is going to become a series. A new edition has just been released and is available in all good book stores. If you can't find it in a book store it is available on this website or in ebook format.  I am writing the second book in the series at the moment and it is wonderful to have Justin and Kizza back with me as they face the many challenges that university brings. There are a few surprises in this novel as Justin and Kizza interact with their new friends and a special person who impacts their life challenging them to think about their futures.

You may not know Laura O'Connell is my pen name. I've written a  nonfiction book and published articles under my real name, but the time has come for me to also share that part of me with you. During the coming months I will be launching that new, exciting project. Watch this space for more information.

Meanwhile, I will continue the African hearts series. Thank you for being part of my creative journey.

I'd love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.