The Next Chapter Unfolds…

It’s happened, before I thought it would!

Almost twelve years ago our family left Townsville to live on the Gold Coast so that our son, who is an IT guru, would have opportunities to work in that field. Our time on the Gold Coast was an interesting time full of challenges but a fun place to call home. Our son is now an adult and well on his way to an interesting career in IT.

Knowing he was settled, left me wondering where my future lay. Yes, of course, I’m a writer that was obvious, but where do I feel the freedom to write with no distractions. Part of our travels around Australia was to find the place where we were meant to be. Leaving my life behind on the Gold Coast was quite a challenge, but I also found it exciting to work out where the next chapter of my life was about to unfold. Living down south was exciting, but it wasn’t for me climatically, so we headed north to the warmth, and discovered we belong up here in the tropics with humidity, balmy nights, open spaces, palm trees and the beautiful Great Barrier Reef at our doorstep. We were scuba divers at another time in our life.

Extended family living here also strongly influenced my decision to live in Mackay. In my adult years I’ve never lived in the same town as family, so Mackay has offered this wonderful opportunity for me to connect with them.

Another bonus was meeting author, Rose Dee, whose first book will be released in mid-November, 2011 by Even Before Publishing entitled Back to Resolution. It’s great to meet and support each other on our writing journey.

So, it’s official, we’ve decided to make Mackay our new home. Our house on the Gold Coast is on the market and we’re searching for our new place to put down roots. We’ve lived in Townsville on three different occasions in the past, so it’s no surprise we’ve returned to north Queensland. Mackay has regular flights in and out which are relatively cheap with lots of flights daily. The hour and a half trip to Brisbane means our son can visit often when he needs time out from his busy schedule, or I can return to the Gold Coast when I want to catch up with him and old friends.

My change of lifestyle isn’t as dramatic as Gina’s in my book, African Hearts. Gina was a woman with courage, understanding her strengths and moving forward to grasp new experiences. I learned from Gina that fear is real, but it can be overcome and there are many advantanges to going places that seem way too scarey.

Travelling in the van has given me the opportunity to meet many people throughout this vast country; connect with my readers and other writers; and to give me new fodder for my future projects.

I haven’t been to Western and central Australia, but those places are still on my list of places to visit. It’s time for me to be still for a while and focus again on my next work which is almost complete. When the time is right, I’ll step out and seek all that the great central and west has to offer.

Where are you in your journey of life? Are you in a time of being, or are you caught up in the excitement and stress of change? If you’re in the latter, hang in there, you’ll soon be in that new place. I encourage you to hold on tight and enjoy the ride. You’ll grow from the experience and have new resources to call on in the future when you next take a leap of faith.

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12 Responses to “The Next Chapter Unfolds…”

  1. paula says:

    Oh wow, that’s great. I know I’ve visited Mackay but can’t remember when. At the beginning of the year, my sister and nephew decided to leave Adelaide to live in Cairns. My oldest son got to visit them just recently but not the rest of us. I’d dearly love to visit this beautiful area of Australia again some day.

  2. I love it up here. Perhaps you could come for a holiday when you feel like a break. :)

  3. Helen Lacey says:

    Hi Laura – what a wonderful journey and so happy you’ve settled on the doorstep of the beautiful Great Barrier Reef. Looking forward to catching up soon :)

  4. Laura says:

    Thanks, Helen, really looking forward to catching up with you soon, too. :)

  5. Job Seeker says:

    Hi Laura!Your story would encourage pretty much people who start looking for a new life with new experience. Congrats for your new life there :) I just want to give some advice to the next followers like you and your family. About the jobs they can get in Mackay,QLD, check out at Jobs in Mackay

  6. Laura says:

    Thanks Tani. Sometimes we have to take a huge step even if we don’t always understand why. Since I wrote this blog, my husband has found full time employment. Mackay is a regional centre that is growing quickly to become a city.

  7. Thats so cool you’ve found somewhere to plant your feet again. I wonder if I’ll ever leave South East Queensland. I really love it here.

  8. Rose Dee says:

    I cannot tell you the blessing your presence has brought to Mackay. To have another writing friend is an awesome inclusion to my life. Love having you here Laura.

  9. Laura says:

    I love south east Queensland, too, which is why it was such a difficult decision to make whether to stay here or not.

  10. Laura says:

    Thank you, Rose. You’ve made my transition into this amazing city much easier than I could have thought possible. It’s a blessing for us to share out writing life together.

  11. Hi Laura,

    So happy to hear you have found your place in the sun. I need your new address to send you your copy of Tyrannosaurus Wrecks: Tips to Avoid Life’s Pits. I’m also giving away free copies on my new blog.

    Bless you for your input into my other book in progress.

    Wendy Sargeant

  12. Laura says:

    Hi Wendy, I’ve sent my new address to you by email. Thank you for sending me a copy of your book.


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